Saturday, December 18, 2010


Caryn had a dream that I wrote a blog post and that I called it “India.” It’s not often that you have such a wonderful chance to make a dream come true so I thought I’d seize the opportunity.

So, India. I just finished the novel A Fine Balance. I loved it, although by the end it consumed my life. At random times during the day I wondered what would happen to the characters next, and even now it’s truly hard to believe they aren’t real people. This is similar to how I feel about Glee, but that’s not the point.

I feel a lot more prepared for India having read the book. It seemed to go in depth into so many parts of Indian culture and different Indian experiences. I’m glad I’ve got a little insight because I’m sure it will be a huge culture shock. Sure, on the one hand, India is a traditional tourist spot, so no problems right? On the other hand, there’s the travel video I watched (ps I recommend Globe Trekker vids for where ever you want to go, or just to watch for fun). So anyway, this guy is a pro traveler ie it’s his job. How does he like India? He gets sick, the pace is frantic (at one point he’s at a HUGE event just asking random people, “so what’s going on exactly?”) and he said, “I think India is an experience I’ll enjoy in a few months.” That is, looking back on it.

But I’m excited! As long as we go slow and take time to adjust, things should be ok, right? I’m ready to see people being cremated on open-air pyres along the Ganges River (our first stop... maybe “I’m ready” is a bit over-confident). I’m expecting to see beggars of all types (the man with no legs and hands was one of my favourite characters in the book). Bring on the masses of people! The traffic! The noise! The daal! The strays! The this! The that! The everything! Oh man... what have we gotten ourselves into? I can’t wait to find out.

So, dear commenters, my experience with India so far has been through A Fine Balance and a Lonely Planet guide. How about you? Movies, Bollywood, or have you been? Tell us what you know of India.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bigger concerns

What’s up, our one follower?! (Just joking Michelle- even though at this time you are the only person officially following this blog, i’m convinced that hundreds dozens a few people are secretly following it, checking back daily... wondering when the next post will be...)  Well wait no longer!  Here it is!  
Only 3 months till we depart!  Well at least theoretically at this point.  Our flights are in the hands of our travel agent, although i have not heard back from her for 10 days.  Am i  a bit concerned? Yes.  Have i tried to contact her without hearing back? Yes.  Is there something else that was causing me to toss and turn at nights? Yes.  
I know! Some of you may be thinking “whoa-there-what-now?  What about booking flights? (most of you), What about Spiders in Australia? (Michelle), What about getting eaten by sharks while scuba diving? (my Mom), What about the most immediate concern of moving out of your place? (Alison)”.  Believe me.  In the world of Caryn, crafting and being creative are legitimate concerns.
But fear not!  I have solved this problem, and you may even benefit from it!  Postcards!  I plan to take some colourful pens, addresses, and these really fun stickers that i bought on ETSY.  Since i enjoy pictures here they are:

(note: i did not take these pictures.  While i would love to take credit for the perfect hand pose and having smiley face cookies on hand, i cannot.  They are from the etsy posting.)
At some point i will ask for addresses.  Not now though... I'm off to call our travel agent again!!