Friday, April 1, 2011

For you Rach (and all you others who have been holding your breath for sheep pictures...)

These are the happy sheep that lived in a field we hiked through to get to a magnificent beach.  More on the magnificent beach later.


  1. Cute!!!! Thank you!! I want a pet sheep. Or shap, right Kath?


  2. Great sheep!

    The grounds of Rach's castle will be filled with sheeps, shaps, and dik-diks!

  3. you went to a shop for that photo: it is exquisite. ooh ooh it makes me want to visit NZ. lovely, lovely sheep.

    Happy April Fool's. we won the lottery!

    Em sent a cutie - patootie video for April Fool's. If you'd like a laugh take a look:

    thanks for the thanks, Ali. if you send me compliments like that, you'll create a monster! i'll never stop writing!

    and Kath made me fall over laughing -- with her urinetown

    the two of them -- Kath and Em -- are lookin' good for exchanges, it seems! you'll be on the road again -- what can we do -- THEY'll be LONESOME and -- I suppose -- we'll ALL HAVE TO visit. Love, Pat

    PS I was desperate to send you a photo of our grounds today, but Rachael said it wasn't possible. To comment with a phot. It is gloriously, exquisitely beautiful. Giant heaps of white, white snow. Fluffy. Perfect. Trees. Houses. Blue sky. God's is his heaven.

  4. hi, Ali How dee - light - full to hear your sweet voice! I'm glad you and Caryn are well.

    I phoned Grandma just now, and told her that I'd heard from you. She was pleased to hear that you are fine. But did you really need to go to India for SO LONG! Oh, she is cute.

    Oh, my. I just thought of something. What will she say about Kath and Em?

    Well, I am very, very proud of all of you, and that is the truth.

    Thanks again for calling, sweet ones. Have a lovely trip. Auckland to Calcutta. Right out of ... John Le Carre... Romance. Adventure. Love, Pat

    PS Oh. I forgot the MOST important question: have you plans to visit/see/ride elephants in India?

  5. Pat is simply must ride elephants!!!!