Monday, April 18, 2011

Some pics to get you through

So, Ali and i are currently at our mediation retreat (or "Buddha Camp" as i have been referring to it). We've set a few posts to post in our 10 days of silence. I thought this would be a good opportunity to share some more pictures! So without further adieu....
Playing with color settings on my camera.
Alison with Flowers. These were taken outside the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata.
Camel. Too bad we didn't get to ride it!! On our bus ride from Agra to New Delhi our bus randomly stopped in this theme park- well "tourist park" which had a elephant and camel you could ride. Alison and i stayed on the bus because we had no idea why we were there or when the bus would be leaving. Of course they do not announce "we will leave in 15 mins" or anything. They do however helpfully honk the bus horn before it pulls out. Better hope you are in ear shot!!
A church we visited in Kolkata. We met the nice Seattle art gallery friend here.
Alison reading our india book with a large and terrific looking glass of orange juice. I don't think how we have mentioned how we and other tourists refer to the lonley planet book. It is treated as some kind of common text- and if somebody is talking about "The Book" it is this book to which they are refering. It is a bit weird.
Herding goats down a road that is already jammed with traffic.
No big deal. Just another day in India!
Alison being fitted for her sweet new indian clothes by a tailor.
I opted to buy from stalls in the market. Here i am checking out some fantastic pink parachute pants (which i have totally been rocking!)
The yoga studio we went to in Varanasi. He had all kinds of interesting books i would like to read on the shelf like "yoga and psychology".
Ali as a Hindu. This happened on the train from Varanasi to Agra. This Hindi spiritual man was walking around with a basket blessing people (i think that's what he was doing). He appeared in our little booth and before ali knew what was happening he had planted his red finger on her forehead and was asking for a donation for his service! Luckily i avoided her fate.

Marble trees at the Baby Taj

 Stars wall

 Note the green woman. This was one of many random parades over a couple days in Agra. They were throwing pigment like for Holi festival, but it wasn't Holi festival. We asked around as to what it was, but no luck. Beautiful though, and everyone smiling and laughing, breaking out into dance with the drumming (like the boy below).

 Green paint on sleeve of new shirt!

 "This is the best thing that's ever happened to me" said Ali


  1. Wonderful, wonderful pictures! Love, Pat
    Though what are the splashes of red, Ali?!

  2. Mother, it is paint from the paint festival!

    You both look so happy! And your custom-made Indian clothes look really nice!! Want!

    We go to Wynyard for Easter this weekend. I will tell Granny that you look VERY happy and healthy.


  3. Oh Fantastic photos, so rich and colorful. Great to see your happy faces! Beautiful!!!

    Beth xo