Friday, March 18, 2011

Auckland driving

It's about time for a post!

I arrived in Auckland around 2am.

Caryn 'arrived' in NZ two days later when she had finished her gripping book. It was nice to have her back (sniff, weep). I read Room next, so she had to put up with an absent companion too - haha!

When we got to our YWCA hostel we sneaked into our rooms, our separate rooms, which happened to be two-shares with other people. Keep in mind it's 2am. My roommate rolled over and went back to sleep. Caryn's, who had been living there for 6 months, FLIPPED OUT! She screamed! Caryn screamed! The whole floor screamed! Okay, just the little roommate screamed.

Our first day was mostly spent pricing out rental cars. Then I learned to drive in downtown-Auckland-rushhour-standard-left-side-left-side-watch-out-turn-there-turn-around-LEFT-SIDE!! I was only on the wrong side twice, no bigs. Caryn is a super navigator and is comforting when I had a tiny cry. Now I am tot's fine with driving, it feels natural on the left.

Caryn stopped us half way through the drive to go for a swim, which calmed me right down. So she knows me pretty well.

We spent the night at a couchsurfer's. We had tea and discussed birds and the bridge class she leads. Her neighbour's cat comes in her house which she acts grumpy about, but really she feeds it and we saw expensive cat treats on the counter.

We cleared out of Auckland lickity-spilt and headed North to northland.


  1. More, more!! I want more!!

    Room: I could NOT make it passed page 5. It seemed good but I could NOT stand the little boy narrating voice. Really slow and hard to read.

    Driving: Sounds SOOO FUN!!!!! Wish I'd been there. How exciting! So you shift with your left hand - how hard!

    Keep us posted, please!

    Miss you both!


  2. PS. You seeing the Brooks relations?

  3. I didn't end up contacting them because they were all born in CHCH. I hope they are okay!

    I really liked Room and want to seek out more books with child narrators. It was sooo good! Ah well.

    Once I went to shift gears really fast and slammed my hand into the right wall of the car.

  4. Great! By the way, in case you're wondering what we do here in Sask while you're gone, we mainly talk about the last time you updated the blog and speculate about how likely it is that you'll write again soon. Seriously, this week I had the "Anything new up? Last I saw was Mardi Gras" conversation with four or five separate people.

    I'm really impressed you're driving. Also that you so quickly discovered your host's true affection for the cat. I'm in PA this weekend and so far Max has been distant and aloof.

    I unexpectedly heard Xavier Rudd in a bar this afternoon and was thrown into a moment of missing you. Take care! xo.

  5. I LOVED (LoveLoveLooooved) riving on the LEFT!!! I dont know what it was...but it felt so much better than our stupid right driving!!

    Ackland's traffic is SO super bad! And not only do you have to fear the Left side driving...the Traffic... the crazy Kiwis walking aroung with no shoes on... but the MONSTER HILLS!!! Ack!!!! Some of the hills there intimidated me SO bad! Especially cuz EVERYONE and their dogs drive stick!!!

    Sound like your having Fun!!! (Keep up the good work)

    Love Chel XX

  6. Helloooo!

    I am SO EXCITED you are two are going to kayak school! I had a dream where you came back and were just about to tell me all about it and then I woke up! So I can't wait to hear the real life version.

    Love reading your stories! You two are great.

    Funny, I made it through Room but it really wasn't my kind of book. Glad you liked it though.

    Remember to go clockwise around those round-abouts!

    Love Em

  7. Yes, the round-abouts! I love them! Michelle, I think I can relate to your love of driving here, I don't know what it is....

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