Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Before heading around the Coromandel, we slept over at our couchsurfing spot. Rosalie has rigged up an old gypsy wagon (actually) for people traveling through to use. Rosalie is sweet as, she is an older woman who loves making tea from herbs in the garden (mind the "chooks" - the chickens) and doing radical jobs. We'd tell you what they are but we don't want her to get arrested.

Coromandel Peninsula was one of the top most beautiful drives in the world according to us. It starts on the ocean edge and continues spectacularly like this until turning into sheep farm land. We stopped at one of my favourite trees (now) to have a climb. Drove up, exploring the towns and then went to find

New Chums Beach
A local secret, a couple we stopped for directions was a bit reluctant at first to reveal the way. When we told them we had a friend from NZ back home that told us about it (Steve, PA's swim coach) they launched into, "well, I think the only trouble you'll have is crossing that river..."

We waded the river, crossed the rocks, braved the trail and emerged suddenly onto the. most. beautiful. beach.

We quickly ate our annoying lunch (with bad watermelon and squawking birds and sandflies) and then I flew into the water while Caryn busted out the camera.

Also on the Coromandel we visited the famous hot water beach called Hot Water Beach. If you dig a hole in a certain area, the water that fills it in is hot! We joined the fray.

Climbing tree

Caryn on New Chums from Ali's ocean view perspective

Caryn is the next Martin Hill. Caryn's art on New Chums.

Neighbour dog, Sky, Rosalie, Caryn, gypsy wagon

Very busy Hot Water Beach. Can you spot Caryn?
The water where the people are sitting down is really hot!

Love you all very much. We miss you and wonder how you are.


  1. I Loooved Hot Water Beach!! I Love tha you guys are taking me on an adventure through memory lane! So Fun to think that I have been to some of the many place that you are hitting!!!

    LOVE IT!!!.. and LOVE YOU!!!


  2. I like that we are using your guide and you have some things circled, starred etc. Cool to think that you were here :) Wishing that you were. Love you tooo!!!!

  3. This is amazing! Such beautiful pictures!

    Do you remember the gypsy caravan in Danny the Champion of the World? If you haven't read it, I highly highly recommend.