Saturday, March 26, 2011


Rotorua: New Zealand's smelly city!  Well, it smells like sulphur because there is a ton of geothermal activity!  Ali and i hiked, enjoyed hot springs, and soaked in the geothermal sights!  Here are some pictures from our 2 day adventures in Rotorua :)

We went to Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland- which has a bunch of thermal wonders.  This was a giant hole.

Alison caught in a Mauri pose by the ink pots aka boiling mud.

Here i am, tree climbing.  Look at me go.

This one is called the Artist's Pallet.  Apparently it changes colors depending on factors like how overcast it is.

View of campaign pool

frying pan flat.

Another view of the Artist's Pallet

Alison with terrific stripy rock.

Campaign pool.

The Devils bath.  It was such a florescent green!

Candy called a fairy mushroom.  Not recommended (but Ali liked them).

Hope you like the pictures! Miss you all!!


  1. Sweet! The Artist's Pallet is very Post - Modern! New Zealand continues to look incredible. As do you two! I'm late for bridge. Ken and I won our event last night. This is not interesting as we played against Very Beginners. But it gives us a Glimmer of Hope. Love you two! Pat PS Jack Layton's Office called to talk to Rachael! We have a federal election. Yet another reason to travel! Ha Ha. And Yes, I'm glad we live in a Democracy. But I do mind the Vitriol. If we could just campaign KINDLY.

  2. Jack Layton phones me at least twice a day. It is a little bit annoying.

    These smelly holes are quite beautiful.

    My African Violet is blooming, Caryn!

    Where to next?!

  3. Rach: What did Jack SAY!??!?! How very thrilling!
    Pat: Good job beating those chump beginners!

  4. I am afraid we are a bit behind in our posts- we were in Wellington, then down to the South island...and we are currently in Murchison doing kayak school's intermediate course aka kayak/roll bootcamp. Here for 2 more days and then (if we survive!) down to queenstown/doubtful sound/millford sound. Will probably do some more tramps.

    Very exciting about your African Violet Rach!

    Pat you are a terrific commenter! Can't even tell you are a novice :)

  5. Thanks, Caryn! Ha ha, Ali.

    Glad you survived kayak school -- I bet it was neat kayaking in another country -- another hemisphere!

    Bridge did not go well -- obviously, my smugness did me in. So we abandoned bridge today, and are measuring the kitchen -- we must fit in a fridge, stove and sink and still be able to walk in it. A struggle.

    Is there NO LIMIT to the excitement. Love you to bits, Pat

  6. Rach originally phrased that question: "WHERE ARE THE SHAP, IF YOU'RE IN NEW ZEALAND?!" I guess she edited it so the above comment appeared. Anyway, just so you know how that went.

    Bonjour! These are such great pictures. I bet there are some real freakazoid plants growing in the weird soil around that geothermal stuff.

    830 Temperance has def noticed the arrival of the election. Things won't be normal here for five weeks. I suppose it is kind of exciting?

    Missing you both!

  7. Mushrooms

    Rain, and then
    the cool pursed
    lips of the wind
    draw them
    out of the ground -
    red and yellow skulls
    pummeling upward
    through leaves,
    through grasses,
    through sand; astonishing
    in their suddenness,
    their quietude,
    their wetness, they appear
    on fall mornings, some
    balancing in the earth
    on one hoof
    packed with poison,
    others billowing
    chunkily, and delicious -
    those who know
    walk out to gather, choosing
    the benign from flocks
    of glitterers, sorcerers,
    panther caps,
    shark-white death angels
    in their town veils
    looking innocent as sugar
    but full of paralysis:
    to eat
    is to stagger down
    fast as mushrooms themselves
    when they are done being perfect
    and overnight
    slide back under the shining
    fields of rain.


    SMELLY Rotoruta. This became our 'code word' when someone let one rip in the car on our road trip! lol

    XX Miss You.. CHEL