Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sydney - parade vs. party

"Happy Mardi Gras!"

The wilderness/city opposites of the last post wasn't the only contrast for us in Sydney. Mardi Gras parade was fantastic while the after-party left something to be desired:

We got to the parade site at 2:00 pm (for a 7:30 pm start) so we had front row seats!

By the time it started, the streets were quite literally packed shoulder to shoulder:

Some of the floats were just beautiful and the vibe was awesome - cheering and smiles all around. Some favourite floats include the lifeguards, the giant-cd-fish, the Wizard of Oz, the children and parents, and the general diversity of all of them (like Thai Drag queens, or "Gay Anglicans with our Muslim friends"). We had so much fun!

In contrast, the after party was disappointing. There were thousands and thousands of people there, so I'm sure many people enjoyed it, but for us, the music was just awful. What's a dance party without good music? Plus, the atmosphere was... well, it felt like a combination of grad+YC+laser challenge+cattle yard+shirtless man-fest. Plus, did I mention the music? The taxi on the way home had better music. Don't get me wrong, I like trashy bar music. But this wasn't even that! Anyway, we had a good time making fun of it all.

[picture your grad after party] (we didn't take any pics, it turns out!)


  1. I'm sorry the after party was disappointing - I know you were looking forward to it!

    Hope you're having a BLAST in NZ. Don't forget that I need a beaut pic of the two of you for my pic frame that you gave me, Caryn!!

    I am planning planning!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT TO MEET UP WITH YOUUUUUU!!


  2. so - just out of curiosity then how late did you guys manage to last for the afterparty? Did you stay up till 8?

  3. No we didn't stay up until 8- i think we left at like 2:30. However it took us FOREVER to get a cab... but i think we were in bed by 3:30 :)