Wednesday, February 16, 2011

32+ hours later...

Ali: So, we made it. After 32 + hours of flying (or waiting at airports), here we sit happily at the Arts Factory, Byron Bay, QLD, AZ

Caryn: Our flights were uneventful (which is a good thing). However Ali did chase down some children in the LAX airport, claiming they were famous. I ran the other way because i didn't believe her.

Ali: But seriously. Those guys are famous.

Caryn: She was smitten. swooning. star struck. blubbering even! she had to fan herself for like 15 mins after she got their 'agent' to take a picture of her with them.

Ali: Ok. I don't actually like the band, if you can even call them a band. Ok, I sorta do. It's a catchy song, I can't help it. Your vote: the end of culture or modern romance? take a look: - make sure to watch the My Girl video. (the girl is me, obvi)

Caryn: Clearly, i am out of the loop when it comes to child boy bands.

Ali: Caryn NEVER less than 3's me.

Caryn: Anyways, here is the picture. Ali's encounter with the Famous Children.

Mindless Behavior in love with Alison

Caryn: So we are settling in here, and tomorrow we embark on the road to becoming famous surfers. Jen and Kyle get here on Saturday, so we'll hang out with them for a few days, which will be good.

Ali: So, dear followers, please do comment: Mindless Behavour, yay or nay?

Caryn: we less than three you all!


  1. Well, Stephen and I looked up Mindless Behaviour and it was mixed reviews...I thought they were adorable, Stephen says they're all "auto-tuned" but we both think a brush with fame is awesome!!!

    Glad you're there in one piece(s). Enjoy the sun & surf!!!

    Beth & Stevie

  2. AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA I can't believe you met mindless behaviour already! This bodes very very very well.

    Ali, if Caryn's not less than sign numba threeing you, just hit her with a queeeeeestion mark. I bet she'll get you back with a jay slash kay, she just playin wit you.

  3. Wow, I think this is a good sign you guys are going to have a great trip! I mean the guys from mindless Behavior! ;) Enjoy the awesome surfing and sun!!
    P.S. I love the fact that Ali was star struck! This post definitely made me smile :)

  4. WEAR SUNSCREEN!!! At least here in Brisbane it's a HOT, VERY sunny day - very dangerous on the water. Do not take this warning lightly or you will be in pain/itchy for a week (just ask my cousins from their first day on the beach last weekend) and slathered in aloe leaving greasy marks wherever you sit.

  5. I have never heard of mindless behaviour but i believe you that they're famous. alison, you look like a part of the group.

    got a new camera today.. europe here i come!

  6. Sounds lovely! Byron Bay is the coolest place...enjoy your trip, girls! It was so great to see you before you left.

  7. lol They're cute. it was like a cross between boys to men, micheal jackson, and mini pops... :)

  8. AHHHAHAHAHAHAHA Soooooo Funny!!!!! Good Catch Ali! I could totally see this play out in my head... Ali run wildly one way... Caryn runs in disbelief the other way. lol!!!

    and Eye less than three you bottthhh!! Chaaa!!!