Sunday, February 20, 2011

Byron Bay

So we haven't really said anything about where we currently are.  After landing in Brisbane on Thursday, we took a bus to Byron Bay (its on the coast, and about a 2 hour drive).  Byron Bay kind of reminds me of a tropical Tofino in some ways as it is a surf town full of hippy like people.  But it is much busier than Tofino, and larger.
We stayed overnight in The Arts Factory hostel, which is very neat.  They have free didgeridoo making sessions, yoga, hand drumming workshops, talent shows and live entertainment.  Oh also nature walks.  Alison, as I um...type... is on a nature walk. 

After one night at the Arts Factory we moved to a apartment style hotel room as Jen and her husband Kyle came down from Brisbane for the weekend.  Alison and I did surf lessons on Friday, and then did 'part two' of our lessons with Jen and Kyle on Saturday.  It was awesome.  I have surfed probably 5 times before, but it is something that i think takes alot of practice.  Needless to say, it is going to be a while before i can quit my job and become a professional surfer.  Actually, considering the only place i will have to practice when i return to Edmonton is West Ed water park, it is very likely that this may never happen.  I digress....

On Sunday we hiked up to the Byron Bay lighthouse which has amazing views of the surrounding beaches.  As we were looking down on a group of surfers we saw a bunch (that sounds like bananas....a school?  a pod?  I have no idea what a group of dolphins are!) of dolphins playing with surfers who were a ways from the shore. 

Today is Monday- our last day in Byron before we head to Brisbane to spend some time at Jen's.  We rented a surfboard and caught maybe 5 waves total between us.  But that was not for lack of trying!

For those who may be envious of the weather let me say that yesterday had me re-considering my dislike of winter.  I know, i know, it may seem that i am never happy.  But let me just say that 38* is a little too hot for this prairie girl.

(ps.  I tried to add pictures to this post but it kept 'rejecting' me.  thanks a lot google.  anyways we will post pictures soon!  for now you must just imagine white sand beaches, green green green trees, and aqua water!)


  1. Even though it's 3* here in BC I am feeling very envious!!! So cool that you guys saw dolphins.
    I "arm-chair travelled" to Sydney tonight via Amazing Race and can definitely picture the aqua water and white sand beaches... how much better it must be in person!
    ~Jacqui :)

  2. According to the All Powerful Wikipedia... Dolphins are referred to as, Yes... a Pod or A Herd. You are Correct.

    This posting brings back many memories of Hawaii. Remember when we took lesson Cary... and got up like Every single time? Then we rented boards and I couldn’t even SIT on it!? Haha.... Ohhhh Surfing. Chalk another bonus up to Snow and the cold being useful. At least I can snowboard!!

    Catch a wave for me!

    Love you! Chel xx

  3. ...and by "Herd" I meant 'School'....

    lol Right-e-o

  4. Glad to hear this update. Ali's on a nature walk - good. A tropical Tofino sounds like a pretty magical place, and that hostel sounds really cool. I don't think I've ever been in 38* in my life!