Saturday, February 19, 2011

Labyrinth walk

Feeling great, more comfortable with this traveling thing already.

Last night Jen (Caryn's friend who is living here), Caryn and I walked down to the beach at night. It was incredibly beautiful. The full moon was reflected off the water and bright enough to cast our shadows. It was still warm, but pleasant, and the sound of the ocean was good for this Saskatchewan kid.

While Caryn and Jen caught up I messed about on the beach. The sand is so fine and, from a practical point of view, very easy to work with (as in sand castles, duh). So, I made a labyrinth! Thought my labyrinth/camp champs would like to know my thoughts:

Very thankful. Thankful for Caryn, thankful that we can go on this trip. Must remember to be thankful for all this. For the first time in my many labyrinth walks I was thankful for labyrinths themselves. As I was walking out, I realized my labyrinth was going to be washed away (I know, quite a classic problem). Anyway, it really hit me how everything is temporary. Think about it. This trip, people, relationships, events. It reminded me to APPRECIATE. So, that is what I will try to do.

And I appreciate all of you. Thanks for all the comments on the last post, we are thinking about you daily. xo!


  1. Oh dear - I am having trouble posting things!! These new fangled things (like blogs) are a steep learning curve for me! So all this to say I am glad you are having a good start to your time in Australia. I enjoyed your comments about appreciating the moment - something I don't do enough of! Take care and have fun!

  2. What a cool idea for a sand sculpture! A Labyrinth! I totally appreciate that! I know David Bowie was there in spirit building it with you in his spandex pants.

    You are so right Ali... Everything is so very temporary. Its easy to become complacent and forget that life is precious and short.. LOVE LOVE LOVE Says Percy! We should live a life of Love! No Matter the cost or circumstance!

    Thinking of you two on your journey! Have fun!! Catch some sun for me too!!!

    XX Chel

  3. Cool, what a good way to slow down and think about your trip. You are always good for a spontaneous labyrinth! And michelle, I LOVE the David Bowie image and totally agree.

    Also Ali, it'd be great if you continued to post on fbook when you update!