Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I scream, you scream: Guatemala: Part 2

You will see everything in Guatemala. You look over, and WHAM! Something you've never seen before. My favourite: overturned melon truck. Melons EVERYWHERE!

Guatemala was a near-perfect trip. Anything that we had done with mom was lovely to do again. It was great to think about her in that context: being SUCH an adventurer. She was so happy there. What a traveler. She would have loved to have met Eduardo, I’m happy we got to see him as a little guy. He smiles with his whole mouth wide open. He was mostly afraid of Kath, Caryn and me, and would scream when we were near (but he also screamed when we left: “LAS NINAAAAAAS!!! So that’s nice).


The west coast was new for us this time. When you go to the coast you don’t see the ocean (too polluted!), instead you go to a giant resort. It’s big and it’s immaculate and Disney-land-esque, but you don’t feel like your ethics are compromised. Yes, all the worker are Guatemalan BUT so are 99% of the guests! I guess everyone in the country pays a sort of... vacation tax... and then they are able to go on holidays locally very cheaply (for example, the rollarcoasters etc were 50 cents).

As someone who loves water parks, I can assure you that the water park was fantastic: the best I’ve ever seen. The Guatemalans know how to do water parks. They know everyone just wants mat rides and to go in trains. So, yep, that’s what most of the slides are. And that’s why Caryn’s lungs were right in my ear when I bore witness to the most terrified scream I have ever heard. Her throat is still sore to this day.

Me: “So, are there many tourists right now because of Christmas?”
Martin (our driver): “There are no tourists.”
Us: (confused silence)
Martin: “There is a no-travel advisory on Guatemala right now.”
Us: (more confused silence)
Martin: “You know, cause of the war up north.”
Us: (slightly embarrassed silence)

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