Monday, February 28, 2011

The room of purple balloons

We are currently in Cairns, Austrailia where tourists flock to see the great barriar reef.  More on that later, this post will have us traveling back in time to Saturday, which was such a good day in Brisbane. 

It started with going to the market with Alison and Jen.  The market is basically a HUGE outdoor farmers market full of fresh produce, baked goods, cheese, olives, meat, flowers, etc.  It was awesome.  The fruit was so cheap and delicious.  We bought grocieries for dinner....and i could not resist buying (du-du-DAH)

A HUGE BOX OF LIMES!  I know i know.  Your are probably thinking what the heck do you need a box of 50 limes for (a valid question it turns out).  I couldn't resist.  It was only 5 dollars!  As Alison declared "the woman likes limes, ok!!"

After dropping our groceries off at Jen's house we headed to the Art Museum, which was so cool.  It was all interactive art!  Probably the best ever.  Here are the highlights:

A giant table of white lego

 The Wish Wall: it was this wall with probably thousands of wishes printed on ribbon. Not all the wishes were different but many were. 

 You picked your wish ribbon and then put a piece of paper with a new wish in the hole where you got your ribbon.  The gallery staff collect these and then the artist chooses which new wishes will be printed on ribbon.

One of this ribbons is Alison's, one is Jen's and one is mine. Can you guess whose wish is whose?

 Sticker sheets with Bindi dots on them.  "Nothing is ordinary" and "use these to see things in a new way" directed the sticker sheets.  There were people of all ages walking around the gallery with dots of all colors on their faces.

 The purple balloon room.  One of my favories.  It was literally a room full of purple balloons.  Only 5 people were let in at a time, for 2 mins each.  It was so fun.  So so fun.  We'll upload a video when we have access to a better computer!

A pool deck/room.  All of a sudden you were on this pool deck- and could see people "underwater".  If you went downstairs you could go into this pool room.  There was a layer of glass with a thin layer of water on it, which gave the effect of a pool.

Alison in the underwater part of the art display.  Note how she is swimming.

Ali really liked this one and so did i.  It was beautiful.  It was this mosaic, made entirly of mirrors. 

 My other favorite exibit you weren't allowed to take pictures in.  It was basically was a very zen room with four "pods" of linked coat hangers hanging from wires in the ceiling.  There were 50 or so zebra finches flying around- and when they landed on the coat hangers it pulled the wire and created a sound.  They were making the quiet background music like noises that were in the background. THIS is a video on youtube that shows the exhibit.  It was breathtaking.
After the museum we headed home and made dinner. Which was so good and we had lots of fun making it.  Cooking with Jen is always great and it is one thing that i really miss!  Of course dinner was delicious.  And what happened to our limes??

Well after one double recipie of limeaide, lime salad dressing, peanut thai sauce that had lime in it, lime popsicles, lime mini cheesecakes, and lime water.....

we had only used up 25 limes!!! But i guess that isn't bad, considering it was all in one night :)


  1. 25 LIMES! ahahahahahahaha! awesome.

  2. Hi you two. I met a celebrity on the roof of our Havana hotel (there was a pool on the roof, I was not just up there for secret celeb rendezvous). Whoooo is this celeb, you ask?

    !!! Ali, I know you are familiar with her. Not sure about you Caryn.

    She was SOOO NICE!!!!!

    The linked vid is filmed in the hotel we were both staying in. Pretty snaz.

    LOVE YOU BOTH!!! Just wrote down everywhere I want to go in Vienna!! What's the status on the place to stay!

    Love, R. (She who flits among the celebs)

  3. Miss you guys already!! PS - we're finishing the last of the delicious cheesecakes but unfortunately I didn't get to the limes in time. By the time I went to juice them, they were starting to go yellow (a condition I found out that happens when they've been picked for too long) and they just start to go bitter and loose the good limyness. I tried to salvage some of the better ones but to no avail. C'est la vie I suppose but they were great while they lasted! Enjoy Sydney

  4. RACH! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU MET HER!! That is way better than M.B. Unbeliveable. And she was nice! I am in awe, oh Rachael, she who flits among the celebs. How did you know it was her? Was she filming? Or video blogging??!!

  5. I just recognized her!! And then I got up the courage to talk to her! Cause I knew I would regret it. I'll send you the vid she did on Havana when it's up.

    MISSSSSS youuuuu.


    PS, Caryn. I've started watching the latest season of ANTM. Sorry I made fun of you for watching. It's addictive.